Smile design

A perfect smile can change your whole image

Problems with your teeth can dramatically age your appearance—fixing these problems and enhancing your smile can leave it looking younger and more attractive. Thanks to modern advances in cosmetic dentistry techniques and treatments your smile can be drastically improved in just 1 to 3 appointments at the dentist.

Smiles can be affected by many things

There are many issues that can make people self-conscious about their smile, including:

  • Stains or discolouring
  • Tooth gaps
  • Crooked teeth
  • Broken teeth

If there are things about your teeth that you are not happy with it is easier than ever before to fix the problem and improve your smile.

Cosmetic dental care

Cosmetic dental care has revolutionized the way people see their smiles, as there is now no reason to live with teeth that are less than perfect. However, it is important to choose the right cosmetic dentist to treat you. Here at Burton Dental Lodge we have a team of highly trained staff with the necessary technical knowledge and customer care to look after your teeth and help you achieve your ideal smile.

The cosmetic consultation

This is your first opportunity to meet the team. At this relaxed and informative appointment we will listen to your concerns, assess your problems, offer options for treatment, answer your questions and design your new smile

Computer Imaging

The latest in computer imaging technology is used to help us design your smile. You are guided through a series of informed choices as part of this design process. We use the principles of smile design in conjunction with your preferences to design your ideal smile. A digital photograph of your smile is taken at the consultation and manipulated on-screen using a specially designed graphics program. Your direct feedback as the design develops allows us to create and refine the image of your ideal smile in front of your eyes. We take great care to show you only predictable results.

Treatment Plan

Having designed your smile we provide you with a treatment plan. This has a full and detailed breakdown of costs involved together with your imaging picture. Our treatment plans are valid for six months from the consultation date.